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Monday, December 19, 2005

MyDD Lacking DueDiligence. Advice: Dems should Practice dem Free Speech!

Well there they go again. The Regressives in Progressive clothing have struck again. Despite the fact that the Democratic party-aligned (and somewhat Howard Dean related) MyDD (MyDueDiligence) claims to be Progressive, one of its owners, Chris Bowers seems to have trouble with the idea of free speech. So much for the "Progressive" ideals. Howard Dean seems quite forward thinking to me, but some of his followers -- not so much.

What triggered Mr. Bowers locking of my account? My story about how Greens perform a positive service towards the Democrats in the political biosphere. Gee we can't have anything positive said about a miniscule third party now can we? We'll have to lock that account immediately and toss the key!

To see earlier examples of Chris Bowers' abuse of his power see the comment section on this diary entry where I proclaimed Democrat John Kerry's victory in the 2004 election and this entry where I called for impeaching Bush and Cheney

In the comment section you can also see the inarticulate drunken ramblings of an individual with the handle "NCDem". That entry is a perfect illustration of exactly how corrupt the Dems have allowed themselves to become. If MyDD were run by just individuals it would be THAT KIND OF ABUSE that would be banned, not people with alternative opinions.

I liked the constructive comment made by Strrbr:

Greens need to turn from a political party (none / 0)
Into a series of think tanks/media companies.

Unfortunately I can't even respond to her/him and agree, disagree or thank them.

And so it goes. Such is the state of Progressivism in America. And then Chris Bowers wonders that Progressive Blogs Not Breaking Through To Mainstream Media My suggestion: Democrats start by actually practicing democracy and respecting fellow Progressives. What a concept!